Must See: 5 Dental Health Mistakes You Should Stop Making (No. 3 Is Very Dangerous)

Must See: 5 Dental Health Mistakes You Should Stop Making (No. 3 Is Very Dangerous)

Even if you think you’re doing everything right, there may be dental mistakes you’re making every day that you’ve never considered.

Daily habits that might seem like no big deal add up over the years, setting you up for bad breath, gum recession, and sensitive teeth in the long run—but don’t worry, many of these are reversible or involve a simple change in your oral care routine!

Here are the top five mistakes I see all the time, along with how to fix them so you can be well on your way to better dental health.

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1. Using Mouthwash

Despite what a lot of advertising would have you believe, mouthwash actually isn’t all that great for your dental hygiene.

It disturbs the natural flora in your mouth and can even be drying. Thus promoting the growth of the very bacteria you’re trying to kill! In fact. You want to nourish and promote a healthy balance of bacteria in the mouth for great breath, cavity prevention, and even overall health.

Ever heard of taking probiotics for gut health? The same principle applies for your mouth. If you’ve been using mouthwash for a long time or have taken antibiotics at any point in your life (that’s most of us!) you can help restore this balance by including probiotic-rich foods in your diet like cheese and taking a probiotic supplement.

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