Bishshop Dr. Chris Kwakpovwe is a highly respected Man of God, he is the General Overseer of Manna Prayer Mountain and the Publisher of Popular Christain Devotional, Our Daily Manna.

How Rita Ibeni Planned To Blackmail Me - Bishop Chris Kwakpovwe

Recently, some enemies of the church and their cohorts – Rita Ibeni  in order to destroy the legacy on which the church of God was built, decided to launch an inexpensive blackmail campaign against the founder and general superintendent of Manna Prayer Mountain, Bishop Dr. Chris Kwakpovwe.

The news they have spread is that, the humble and easy man of God sexually harassed a female member of the Church – Rita Ibeni. This news has however been confirmed to be false on various occasions. They even went so far as to print lies to defame the man of God.

Some time ago it was widely reported in the news of how one of the singers tried to kill a child and hide the corpse somewhere around the church premises to support their cheap blackmail as this Strong man of God is in Rituals and what is not!

How Rita Ibeni Planned To Blackmail Me - Bishop Chris Kwakpovwe
Bishop Dr. Chris Kwakpovwe, a longtime preacher of the word, is a Father, Humanitarian, Life Coach and a Soul Winner for the Kingdom. He has been involved in so many charitable works and will continue to inspire the Christain Race.
The Church of God will stand firm.


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