Brand  of the Week is a new initiative of  2000views Nigeria. It is a theme to promote young and vibrant entrepreneurs  across the nation free of charge. For this week, the business that halt our attention firmly that made us want to show the world is STYLUS FOODS (Facebook page: Stylus foods).

STYLUS FOODS is an initiative of a young man (Yusuf Adetayo popularly known as Stylus [email protected] on Instagram) from the University of Lagos,the idea behind STYLUS FOODS comprises the sales of garri granules, grounded paper and crayfish and the whole crayfish. This rare talent is majorly an event planner slash decorator (STYLUS EVENTS), but he was in need of  a ‘plan B’ way of making ends meet because and we quote him ‘events is seasonal’. He told 2000viewsNG that he started STYLUS FOODS in is first year in UNILAG because he needed to make money within the school to support himself on financial needs for he is the sole sponsor of his education.

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He further explained that before the commencement of the business, he did his researches on what would sell the most among students in the hostel and also what will attract them to buy (packaging/sealing of garri in nylon with label and other goods) before he chose to sell the abovementioned goods. He hails from Ijebu Igbo, also known as Ijebu Ile, he is so passionate about his business that he sells garri that are made from his hometown. He made this clear to 2000views.NG because he thinks Lagos garri are produced in rush and lacks quality of what the real garri should be.

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He is now in his penultimate year and he is known in his faculty for his quality goods and good services. He also sponsors programs within the faculty by donating his goods as gifts to students for free. He claims that is his advert and awareness tactics. He sells his goods for as low as #50. Finally, he confessed that he makes sacrifices and losses for the progress of STYLUS FOODS which he is at the verge of attaining.

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