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this week, the business that halt our attention firmly that made us want to show the world is EK AFRICAN CLASSIC (Instagram : Ek_Africanclassic). EK AFRICAN CLASSIC is an initiative of two young men (Buraimoh Kikiope and  Ejiofor Ikechukwu ) from the University of Lagos, this set up is to produce classic Ankara ties. The idea behind this innovation  is said to be the quest to be business moguls. EK AFRICAN CLASSIC,  as a back story,  is also said to be prompted by the economy recession. Buraimoh Kikiope and Ejiofor Ikechukwu are both Year 3 students of the faculty of Law and Engineering  respectively.

Model shoot with products.

Kiki (Instagram: @kiki_the_mogul or FB: Kikiope Buraimoh)  told 2000viewsNG that the thought for their business started in one of the bunks in their hostel in UNILAG, where he was squatting I.K. He also said the urge to sell some spectacular stuffs to the world brought about the whole idea of the Ankara ties. He feels it is ‘special and so African’ which satisfy more than two things 2000viewsNG believes they (Kiki and IK)  stand for,  which are: making money while representing culture. They are not just entrepreneurs but also uniquepreneurs.

Their Logo

He further explained that he is the last child of his  family who fell in love with business at the age of 14 as a result of  reading about Aliko Dangote. He plans  on building an empire with his partner soon and also providing employments, he asserted. Ikechukwu on the other hand (Instagram: _lifeofikayh or FB: Ikechukwu Ejiofor),  is also the last born of his family .He is very much  in love with music and plans on making good music too after school which is one of the things himself  and Kiki hope to invest on.

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Both young men promised the future via 2000viewsNG that the sales of the Ankara ties is just the tip of the iceberg from the EK AFRICAN CLASSIC, their is a lot more innovative ideas to come. The price tag for each of their products is a negotiable #1500,  as per how many one is willing to purchase. Negotiable in the sense that,  according to them, they are ready to push their product till it gets its space (recognition) in the market. In other words, they can slash down the price if their customer feels it is a bit high, given that the customer is buying more of the product  and that it does not really affect their cost price. This however, is one of their plenty  awareness tactics.


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