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BLOODY MARY: The Series.2

Grrrrrrrr! ……Grrrrrrr! Grrrrr!

I slowly reach for my Iphone 6 on the plastic chest drawers beside my bed but it’s not there in its usual spot. I must have forgotten to plug it to charge last night…Grrrrrr! Grrrrr! I wonder who’s calling so early in the morning anyways, I turn over and force my eyes open to find my phone. Except this isn’t my room and my phone is nowhere in sight, I’m naked and this isn’t a hotel room either, it’s a bloody alarm clock or so, I sit up straight, ok what the hell is going on?! Suddenly it feels like there’s a hammering in my head, I need to take pain killers ASAP but first I need to get out of bed and figure out what’s going on.

I drag my sore body from bed into the adjoining bathroom and splash cold water on my face and then stare at my reflection in the mirror hanging over the sink. I look like shit; my hair is in cornrows where my wig should be sitting, my face is smeared with last night’s makeup, I still have my contacts on…shit! They could have slid to the back of my eyes in my sleep, whew! A male voice floating in from one of the rooms reminded me I’m naked but my clothes are nowhere in sight so I take a quick shower, I grab a large white towel, wrap myself in it and walk towards the voice.

I was right, this isn’t an hotel room, it’s a fully furnished two bedroom luxury apartment and it’s a beauty but not as beautiful as the man standing out on the terrace in a white shirt and shorts with a glass of water in hand…no wonder he dint hear his phone ring. Now I remember leaving the club in a Honda Civic with Mr. Beard gang, pffft! Nigga doesn’t own a Porsche after all. I remember puking like my life depended on it, I really should tone down my drinking, only God knows how many rounds we did last night…sigh. I could get used to this, I mean he obviously likes me beyond sex, why else would he bring me to his apartment?

I feel a smile growing on my face and I begin to walk towards him and spot a Mac book on the centre glass table, it’s on with pictures of him floating across the screen…damn! He’s hotter than I thought…Imagine I’ll finally get to take my own cute couple selfies and post on IG and show them that I’m deserving of lov__ a picture of him and a smiling female is up on the screen, she’s very pretty and she has a beautiful diamond ring on her left ring finger…Mr. Beard gang is engaged.

I get up and head out to the terrace and ask for my clothes, it’s spinning in the machine he says, he thought I’d like them clean. I offer my thanks and head to the kitchen, grab my clothes, get dressed and apply fresh makeup on while checking my class WhatsApp group for information on my class at noon, its 11:03 am so I can still make it back to my hostel to change my clothes but first I need to remember how many rounds we went last night so I can bill him. But I’m funny sha, I was already thinking of cute couple selfies with him hahaha! Did I forget I’m a runs girl? Nobody wants to date a runs girl abeg snap out of it jare! I call a Uber and ask for my pay, he grabs his wallet, he’s saying something to me but I’m not listening, my head is pounding again, I should ask for pain killers but that would be pushing it he already washed my clothes…that’s enough kindness.

He’s still talking to me, he wants to know my name…my phone rings, my Uber is outside waiting…last night was fun, I’d like to see you again if you don’t mind, here’s my card…give me a call. I grab the card, my cash and run out the door, my face is burning with shame. I never stay at my client’s hotel room past 7am, I’m either getting sloppy or I drank too much last night. I count the cash, it’s thrice my regular pay, maybe he does like me or __ na, I don’t think so, I slide his card into my purse and make a mental note to stop at the bank today to deposit half of the cash.

At least he paid me well, i should give him a call soon.

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