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BLOODY MARY: The Series.3

“Your ride costs #1,550”

I pull out two #1,000 notes from my purse and hand them over to the Uber driver, “Keep the change”, I mutter, then alight from the car and walk briskly into my hostel while glancing at the clock on my phone -11:35- it reads. I breathe a sigh of relief as I realise my room is empty save Alex short for Alexandria – real name ‘Shafiat’.

Alex: where have you been all morning? I’ve been trying your phone, o (you didn’t) pick!

I make to respond but my head is still pounding, so I head for my plastic chest drawers instead, pull out the second layer, rumble through the mess while making another mental note to clean out the drawers, I find the almighty Panadol extra. I grab a sachet of pure water from underneath my bed and soon both water and pills are sailing down my slightly long throat _ Alex is still rambling, this babe sha, she’ll make me late for my class all cause she wants a cut from my pay, like say na her yansh do the work. I pull down the zipper of my body con dress, find a bra and panties in the third layer of my drawers, next I pull a pair of blue high-waist jeans out of my locker along with a black hoody with a zipper in front to avoid messing up my already made up face.

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Alex is eyeing me in her usual sly manner, I still think she’s bisexual even though she has denied it severally, the babe has a way of undressing someone with her eyes, I shivered at the thought. I slip into my black creepers, shove my lecture note into a black leather backpack, dole a pair of shades and I’m headed out of the room _ Alex is in my path with her hand extended towards me and her ‘you dey craze ni’ look. I glance at the clock on my phone -11:50- I can still make it, if I leave now. I roll my eyes behind my shades, reach into my bag and hand her five #1,000 notes _ I really have to do something about this girl, she’s costing me.

I slip into class and head to my usual spot, in the middle row, take my shades off and spend the next two hours devising a study plan for the semester, my 4 point cgpa has to remain intact and with only a semester to go, it seems very feasible. It would just be the usual all night studying and maybe less clubbing which would mean less pay but I think I can survive. Luckily it’s my only class for the day so I make a stop at the bank to deposit #70,000, I was going to deposit just #40,000 but Alex knows I always deposit half of my pay into my account and if she were to find more than #10,000 on me she’d know I earned thrice my pay last night and would want extra _ I really need to do something about that babe, very soon. It just had to be rotten luck that on my very first night ‘hustling’ I ran into Alex, my Aunty’s daughter, and she threatened to tell on me at home if I refuse to pay her #5,000 every weekend. On one hand she did introduce me to generous clients but then that doesn’t change the fact that she’s a leech on my arm and I have to figure out a way to cut her off, this has gone on long enough _it’s been a bloody year! Imagine #5,000 every weekend for a month multiplied by 52 weeks in a year, I open my calculator app and my sun shaded eyes widen at the figure on my screen – #260,000! What the hell?!

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My phone rings, I slide the green button across the screen. It’s Chief , he wants to let me know he’s back from his trip and will like to see his lepa (a skinny/slim person) tonight. I make arrangements for tomorrow afternoon instead, I have assignments to do tonight and my messy chest drawers to deal with and yes of course plot on overthrowing that Alex bitch.

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Cute Guy with a fade: hey beautiful! I’m _

Not today Satan, not today.

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