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Sad: Pastor’s Wife Slumps, Dies During Praise And Worship. Reason will Shock You

Omamen Iyawe, the wife of Pastor Idahosa Iyawe, Assistant Pastor of The StandPoint Church, Abuja, is dead. According to reports, Mars Iyawe died on the 4th of March 2018, as praise and worship session was on-going during Sunday service. According to the church, the 29-year-old mom was deeply and intensely lost in worship, lifted up her hands and was called to a higher place of praise and worship. Her brother identified as Ejiro Onobrakpor has also taken to Instagram last night to share his grief over the untimely death of his beautiful young sister. Below is what He posted: “For a moment I forgot “For a moment I challenged God “Filled with grief, I questioned Him “How dare you allow this to happen? “This was not the promise! “I wept. “My eyes were sour “Oma was gone. “Sweet, beautiful, gentle, gracious Oma was gone. “My sister was gone. “Why Lord? I wept. “Appetite gone. “Head and heart aching “Then I heard His voice “As clearly as the first time He spoke to me. “This is not HOME son” “Home? “For the longest moment, I’d forgotten about Home. “Entangled in the vicious circle of “prosperity and social media likes”, I’ve forgotten about Home. “Forgotten that we are all strangers on this earth. “All sent here for a purpose; to give life taste. “You’re the salt of the earth, He once told me. “Oma is home son. “I wept. “This time not in grief but joy. “My sister is home. “She has escaped this vicious world “Her purpose complete. “She has lived well. “Her memory is so blessed that’s why we grief. “Sorry I questioned you Lord. “Son, that’s why I Love you. “Don’t ever stop asking the hard questions. They form the foundation of relationship. “And son remember, it’s okay to miss her.” “Even in death, “Oma’s life still brings us joy. “Love you sis. “See you when I arrive. “Ejiro Onobrakpor”

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Want to last longer in bed – This is for you

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Atiku Shares 5 lessons he learnt from the movie #Blackpanther

Former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar has shared some lessons he learned from the movie, ‘Black Panther’. Atiku who went with his kids to the cinema to watch the movie said he is pleased with how the thoughts of Africans solving African problems were portrayed in the movie. In his remarks, he said “When the first scenes came up, and I saw “Sambisa Forest”, I was unhappy that the only reference the film-makers could have for Nigeria was a negative one, but I was later encouraged by the thought of Africans solving African problems. “That is a good thing, the kinds of things we used to do. For young people who may not remember, Nigerian civil servants and indeed most able citizens used to contribute money every month to support the struggle against Apartheid in South Africa. “Nigeria was the single stabilizing force across West Africa. Helping to restore peace in Liberia and Sierra Leone are examples of the gigantic status we once had.” “Seeing another African country come play ‘Big Brother’ to Nigeria made me very sad. We must return to a place of respect. We may argue that the film is a work of fiction, but there are many truths in the story. One of them is that young girls are being abducted by terrorists across the northeastern region of Nigeria, and they need to be rescued. “Only recently, a band of terrorists stormed another girls’ school in Dapchi, Yobe State. After days of confusing information, it is now confirmed that 110 girls are missing. Nigeria has once again been thrown into sorrow with many of us wishing that there was indeed a ‘Black Panther’ to help rescue the girls. Here are my takeaways on Black Panther: Institutions are important “Wakanda was portrayed as a technological giant, which was ruled by great kings, supported by a council, and traditions are held in high esteem. But it was easy to see that most of the decisions are those of the king, which presents serious institutional problems. Institutional order in the dispensation of justice could have helped handle the betrayal of Wakanda by the king’s brother, which would have prevented the hatred of Wakanda which filled the heart of the nephew who was left behind”. “The succession system is also another example of institutional weakness in Wakanda. The young man from America came in and within days, destroyed the long-standing institutions, even when he seemed to be trying to help Black people all over the world”. “In one moment of folly, he decided to destroy the garden that guarantees powers to every other king of the future. Should there not have been a process whereby a council needs to approve the King’s orders before they are carried out? Institutions are better guarantors of good governance than kings or strong men/women.” “Checks and balances are important in leadership. This is why democracy is important. As a Nigerian who has lived through many dictatorships, I would have liked Wakandans to adopt a new model, which gives them a say in who leads them, as well as includes checks and balances. This would at least ensure the country against the rise of tyrants and demagogues.” Killmonger’s liberation philosophy was terrible “The most successful tyrants always have simple philosophies, which on the surface appear good. We only see the deviousness of the plan after a second look.” “Many people would be drawn to the message of black liberation that the young American returnee preached, but closer scrutiny reveals that it wasn’t liberation he was preaching, but reverse oppression. When the oppressed becomes the oppressor, has justice really been done or are we just exchanging one evil for another? Nigeria’s hope is Nigerians “One of Wakanda’s most valuable resources was mentioned in the film, but not shown. Many Wakandans abroad providing intelligence to their country back home. There’s enough Nigerian talent abroad to turn our country into a technology and industry giant. The question then is how we can make the environment conducive for them to return and contribute to its growth and development. “During my time in government, mining the ‘natural resource’ of Nigerians in the Diaspora was an important part of our strategy, bringing back Nigerians who had established themselves abroad to come home to work. Sadly, many of those people who came back have packed up and returned abroad. We are losing professionals in all sectors in their droves every month, at the fastest rate not seen since the 1980s. ‘We cannot build the Nigeria of our dreams without keeping our best people in the country and empowering them to work and build businesses. We cannot keep our people healthy when the best of our medical professionals are being forced to pack up and leave. We always need strategic alliances “One of my favorite characters in the film was Mbaku, the big chief of the mountain tribe. He sounded and acted very Nigerian, which made me like him a lot. His alliance with T’Challa was very innocuous?—?having failed to defeat the new king in the challenge for the throne, the king encouraged him to give up, that he will be useful to the king in the future. That little moment is the reason Wakanda was saved later in the film. “As a Nigerian, I always wonder how much stronger our regional leadership would be if we built better alliances. Nigerian soldiers spent most of the 90s and 2000s helping stabilize West Africa. Wouldn’t it be in our interest to strengthen our influence on the basis of those sacrifices? “Women in Africa get things done” “One important thing I noticed in Wakanda was the strong role of women in all aspects?—?defense, technology, leadership, spiritual leadership, among others.” ‘When there was trouble, the women of Wakanda didn’t just stand by, they found a way. I remember in the mid-90s when many of Nigeria’s leading democracy activists were running away in crates and bush border crossings, (I also miraculously escaped), the women were there to save us. Women were either helping the movement go underground, or taking up the fight. It would be a disservice to Nigerian women, if we speak about June 12, without mentioning the role of Kudirat Abiola. I was honored to present a posthumous award to MKO Abiola’s family during the recently held Silverbird Man of the Year Awards, and I wish more awards will go to the women who often led or supported the pro-democracy movement.” “I finished the Black Panther movie wondering how much better our country would be if we let more women into leadership. We are losing up to 40% of our productivity because we still haven’t fully integrated our women into economic and socio-political leadership. “But I was also left thinking, what if the king’s first child was a girl; would Wakandans support her to be Black Panther?”  


DOWNLOAD VIDEO : DJ Kaywise – Normal Level ft. Ice Prince, Kly, Emmy Gee

  DOWNLOAD VIDEO : DJ Kaywise – Normal Level ft. Ice Prince, Kly, Emmy Gee After the successful audio release, the disc jockey AS Kaywise wastes no time in distributing the official music video to his last “normal” number: “Normal Level”. The gentle track was co-produced by Mr Kamera and Don. It features Hip-Hop acts – Ice Prince, Kly and Emmy Gee The official music video was shot in Johannesburg, South Africa, and was directed by the renowned director of photography – Sos. DOWNLOAD VIDEO


Where to buy the new Super Eagle’s Jersey

Where to buy the new Super Eagle’s Jersey Nigeria’s new outfits for the 2018 World Cup in Russia have been unveiled as the Super Eagles gear up for this summer’s tournament in Russia. The Nigerian Football Federation unveiled the country’s outfits for the championship in London on Wednesday 7th, February 2018 with Alex Iwobi and Sophia Omidiji as models. The jerseys designed by Nike, highlight the home outfits that pay tribute to The Nigeria ’94 shirt which was used by the first Nigerian team to qualify for the World Cup back then – with eagle wing-inspired black-and-white sleeve and green torso while the away kits boast of the full green strip classically. According to Nike, the new super eagle’s jersey would be available for sale starting in June. You can, however, drop your email in the comment box to get an update on where to buy the original Super Eagle’s jersey.


Nigeria States with the most beautiful Ladies – No.2 is Da Bomb

10. DELTA STATE If you have been to Agbor, Ughelli, Oleh and also spend some nights at  Oghara, Sapele and Asaba, you will see no reason to question the existence of Delta state in this list. Delta state is home to hot  dark and lovely melanin jewels with nice laps and body shape.


Music Repost AYO! – Giants Fall Download

AYO! – Giants Fall Fast-rising Music Minister, Worshiper, Singer and songwriter, AYO!, releases his first single, “Giants Fall” produced by Ace music producer, Daccoustic. The stunning track having expressing his passion for worship, AYO! Says “Tough times might come and when it does come..I’m hoping this song reminds everyone of how much we’re blessed with One word, Five letters, the power in the name above all names..JESUS!!! “ Download  


Music Repost: Dheelyt – Kàyéfì” (Mystery)

Music Repost: Dheelyt – Kàyéfì” (Mystery) This one is titled “Kàyéfì” (Mystery); “It’s Just a Mystery some Human still Question the Existence of God after all said,heard and seen”  Download and listen to Kayefi a full fletch Yourba gospel rap by Dheelyt’s. Download Here


10 most Powerful Kings In Nigeria No.4 will Shock you

Here is a slide show of the  10 most powerful kings in Nigeria. Their power ranking  is based on the influence and authority they command on their people as well as the population of the people under their ruler-ship. 10. OLUBADAN of Ibadan Land – King Of Ibadan, Oyo state The title Olubadan means “Lord of Ibadan” and it is the royal title of the king of Ibadan land. It usually takes decades to groom an Olubadan for the mantle through stages of chieftaincy promotion, thus meaning that just about any male born title-holder of the metropolitan center is a potential king. Olubadans are usually appointed from the two ruling lines to the throne, Egbe Agba (civil) and Balogun (military) on rotational basis following the death of a monarch.  

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Download YBNL Princess Temmie Ovwasa BAMIDELE

Download YBNL Princess Temmie Ovwasa BAMIDELE Download BAMIDELE YBNL Princess Temmie Ovwasa, is here again with another mind blowing beautiful piece BAMIDELE. YBNL Princess unveils “Bamidele” sequel to “Jabole” which was released last year. Bamidele  is a mind blowing expression of  Love, Desire and cultural aesthetic. Download, Listen  and share with friends   DOWNLOAD BAMIDELE