6 signs you are a drunkard

There is absolutely nothing wrong with desiring to end the day, especially since it is weekend, by downing several bottles of your preferred drink. The problem here is when you become too much attached to alcohol. This is called addiction. As such, here are some obvious signs you are drinking too much.


1. You need alcohol to feel confident

The truth is the higher the amount of alcohol you drink, the higher your self-confidence. Sadly, this intoxicated courage and confidence can be quickly replaced with the fear of the actions that show that you are under the influence.


2. You give up  your responsibilities to drink

One sure sign that your drinking is becoming a problem is when you begin to leave your responsibilities at work or home to drink. Additionally, you call in sick repeatedly because of a hangover. You may have a drinking problem.

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3. You self-medicate

Your alcoholic problems can result in self-medication because your life is tied to the bottle. If you find yourself reaching for a drink when you start feeling down, it may be time to take a look at the causes behind your feelings instead of covering them up.


4. People close to you are concerned

When your relationship with those close to you gets affected because of your drinking, there is a problem. Those close to you may have commented about your drinking too much to the level that you begin to hide your drinking problems. This is a red flag.

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5. You have accepted your alcoholism

If you have a problem with alcohol, you will become very comfortable with it, You no longer feel embarrassed with your drinking. As this tolerance increases, you will soon see alcohol as your solution for everything.


6. Your life is all about alcohol

If you always have the feeling that any activity you engage in must include alcohol, this could be a sign that you’have become dependent on alcohol. The more you drink, the more your blood pressure rises.

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