5 Reasons Pregnant Women Should Have Regular Intercourse

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Every woman looks forward to conceiving her own child, The gift of motherhood they say is the greatest joy any woman can ever feel. While some women view pregnancy as a burden they must carry, others view the changes that occur in their bodies with awe.

Pregnancy is not so easy, while carrying a child for nine months can be stressful, there are several perks attached that can help relieve the stress. You must have heard that sex during pregnancy should be avoided, bla, bla, Bla. Truth is sex during pregnancy might just be the best sex you will ever have.

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Orgasms during pregnancy is extra amazing and extra fun. Having sex during pregnancy is good for your body, your heart rate, your relationship and believe it or not, it will also facilitate a safe delivery.

Although there are certain conditions that might prevent some pregnant women from having sex, sex during pregnancy is almost divine.

Here are Five Reasons Why Pregnant Women Should Have Sex Regularly.

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1. Some women experience multiple orgasm for the first time during pregnancy. Your sensations are heightened because the genital and pelvic regions are engorged with blood thus intensifying all kinds of stimulation. Orgasms also increases the contractions in the woman’s pelvic floor, which helps to strengthen the muscles she needs for labour and after delivery.

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