Aunty!!! Check here to see why You’re Still Single

The first step in changing your relationship status is first knowing why you can’t seem to find love.

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“I have been single for a while due to complicated issues like i date out of pity, i have problem with commitment and i just make silly mistakes. Sometimes it best so lonely even tho i get some regular flings, friends with benefits and all but there’s no one i can actually call my own or talk to when i’m alone.
Getting a partner for me isn’t that hard but the problem is i’m not in love with anybody and i don’t want to hurt anyone anymore but the loneliness sometimes is overwhelming”

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This has always been the dilemma of every single person out there, sometimes it gets too much we Just wished we knew the reasons we have remained single for a while.

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On the next page are a list of some well researched reasons most people have remained single. So if u want to have a breakthrough from that dilemma, read through and be glad u did.

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